What We Do

Cartolytics brings together the most modern techniques in data science and spatial analysis leveraged through a diverse set of scientific backgrounds. Utilizing a wide range of software and presentation methods, we are able to produce and interpret results from complex spatial and non-spatial data alike. Regardless of the size or scope or your data, we pride ourselves on the creativity and efficiency of our services. Our priority is that you receive the best possible combination of analysis and deliverable, tailored to your unique circumstances.


Traffic Fatalities

Cartolytics worked in conjunction with a leading online motorcycle publication to spatially characterize differences in the risk of motorcycle traffic fatalities through a cluster analysis. 


Fraud Detection

Created and deployed a fraud detection web application for an e-commerce company. Observed a live stream of customer transactions to flag or identify suspicious activity. Fraudulent activity was flagged using various classification models trained on past transaction data.


Rivers + Agriculture

Developed a low-resource solution to determine the content of agricultural land adjacent and downstream from various sampling points in a river network.

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